Artwork Agreement

The Artist, Jessica Marie Hose of © Pop Art Puppy Dogs, exclusively retains copyright ownership and all reproduction rights to her Artwork.

Artwork must not be reproduced without a written and signed agreement by the Artist. Under no circumstance is it permitted to use her Artwork for commercial purposes.

Artwork refers to, but is not limited to, any image, file, physical painting or design produced by the Artist or Pop Art Puppy Dogs. If you provided the photo that your artwork was based on, you acknowledge you have the rights to grant the Artist use of that photo as a reference for the artwork.

Artwork supplied to you, may be used for private and personal use only. This includes; printing at home for display in your home and sharing the Artwork on your personal social media accounts. This Artwork Agreement also applies to anyone you share the Artwork with, for example family or friends.

Give credit when sharing

You must give credit sharing my Artwork on social media, this helps others discover Pop Art Puppy Dogs and perhaps order a portrait of their own. Use any of the following references to credit me, artist Jessica Marie:

Instagram: @popartpuppydogs

Facebook: Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Artist’s Name: Jessica Marie

Please respect my artwork

I put a lot of time and effort into my pet portraits, you must please treat them with respect. Do not claim my Artwork as your own, do not modify, customise or change my Artwork in any way and do not make any form of profit off of my Artwork. Unauthorised duplication or usage for commercial purposes is prohibited by Copyright law.​

By ordering and/or receiving an Artwork from Pop Art Puppy Dogs you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Thank you for understanding.