How It Works

Pet Portrait Commissions Process — Dog Painting, Dog Illustration, Pop Comic Pups How It Works | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

My Custom Portrait Process

It’s super fun to commission an artwork and it’s not as daunting as you might think!

Using your photos as a reference, I personally work with you in my process of creating your pets portrait — sharing progress updates and getting your feedback over email. It’s half the fun to be involved from the first sketch to finished portrait, and I love getting to know you and your dog along the way.

Step by step: from photo to pop art

Ellie's Photo Reference | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Simply select your favourite style and you will be prompted to place your order or request a quote, depending on which portrait style you choose.

Once you are booked in, all you need to do is send me your favourite photos of your dog.

Ellie Sketch | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


When your booking time arrives, I’ll email the first sketch of your pup for feedback.

We can do as many edits as needed to get it perfect, you know your dog best!

Ellie Canvas Print Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Production begins on your pet portrait as I paint (either digitally or traditionally) the details of your dog to create their finished masterpiece.

Of course you will get progress updates emailed to you along the way.

Ellie the Mixed Breed Canvas Print Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


All that’s left to do is package your portrait securely and send it for you to enjoy!

Pick the perfect spot in your home and display your pet portrait for all to see.

Please send me a photo of it — especially with your dog if you can, I love seeing my art in their forever homes.

Ready to get started? Choose your pop art style —