Lots of love for pop art puppy dogs

Happiness is guaranteed with a stand-out pop art puppy dogs portrait. I take the time to understand your vision and your pets’ personality, and welcome feedback to ensure it’s 100% perfection. Here’s what my collectors think of their beautiful works of pet art!


This is beautiful!! I love it so so much thank you for this. Your drawings are the best 😍😍😍

— Su Lin, Kiki’s mum


Oscar and Raven’s portrait is fantastic! Would highly recommend! I can’t get over the amount of detail that is in it and you can definitely tell its my 2 muppets there is no question. There is just so much personality in it!

— Sam, Oscar & Raven’s mum

Pablo the Dachshund and her pop art portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


This portrait was a birthday surprise and Billy loves the portrait as much as he love Pabs! Jess does very special work and this portrait looks amazing. Thank you so much Jess!

— Elizabeth, Pablo’s mum


I love love LOVE your work Jess and so does Nala 🤗 Truly inspiring and you’re incredibly talented! It made my day when I received your work in the mail. Thank you so much 🥰❤️🐶

— Sarah, Nala’s mum

Frankie & Tully the Cavoodles and their pop art portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


We love our painting so much! It’s just amazing! These girls truly are such a blessing to us and Jess has captured their personalities perfectly in their portrait – Tully is our soul puppy who looks deep into your eyes and Frankie is the cheeky and playful little sister.

— Sharon, Frankie & Tully’s mum


Thank you so much for the portrait! We love it!

— Michelle, Nacho’s mum

Ellie the Mixed Breed Canvas Print Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


I’m incredibly happy with this portrait of Ellie. She’s my one in a million and I’m grateful that I’ll always have this painting of her. Ellie’s happy that you captured her good side.

— Marissa, Ellie’s mum


We absolutely adore the drawings you made! Such an incredible talent! Love love love 🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩

— Naomi, Massimo & Gino’s mum


I’m loving this so much. God I miss George 😢 This is amazing, thank you so much Jess.

— Jo George, Belle & Burt’s mum

The house of crazy puppies Hand Painted and Canvas Print Portraits | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Stunning portraits of my loves! WOW words fail me Jess, you have captured my group of crazy puppies to a tee. This is insane cuteness overload, your talent is ridiculous. Thank you sooo much Jess I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

— Dee, Snoop, Kosmo, Missy, Kato & Daisy’s mum


Absolutely love love love my Presley’s portrait and it’s made me all teary! ❤️👏❤️ you’ve captured him so well!

— Helen, Presley’s mum

Rogue the Staffy and her Pet Portrait Review | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Incredibly talented! We are so lucky and grateful to have Jess work her magic and hand deliver this amazing piece.

— Rachel, Rogue’s mum


Thanks so much Jess ❤️ Your memorial portrait of Jet brings us so much comfort (and looks great on our living room wall!)

— Lynda, Jet’s mum


It looks so great in person — Yuuki sends his wink of approval 👌 Thanks again for all your hard work, we’re so glad to have found you!

— James, Yuuki’s dad

Cocoloco the Chipoo Canvas Print Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Adore the gorgeous portraits by Jess. I’m lucky enough to have both watercolours and pop art works of the 3 gorgeous pups in our family. They’re in my walls in beautiful frames, and the screen savers in all my devices. Jess is fabulous, I highly recommend her to capture the joy and love your fur babies bring to life.

— Ingrid, Cocoloco’s mum

Finn & Frankie Hand Painted Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Thank you Jess for the beautiful canvas of my two boys, each special in their own way.  You have done a great job capturing them just as they are.

— Irene, Finn & Frankie’s mum

Oscar the Great Dane and his Pet Portrait Review | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


I commissioned a portrait of my sister’s Great Dane as a surprise for her 50th Birthday. The picture was extraordinary and my sister LOVED it!! Jess, you are very talented indeed and have a wonderful ability to capture your subject and their personality. Your service was awesome, I really appreciated the updates as the picture progressed and the picture arrived safely and well wrapped in the post.

— Vera, Oscar’s aunt


My daughter loved her Christmas portrait of her cat Chips! Made her day she said, thank you.

— Tracey, Chips’ family

Oreo the Maltese Shih Tzu x Silky Terrier Canvas Print Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Absolutely love my Pop Art done by the very talented Jess. She was able to capture Oreo perfectly . Jess is super talented and was an absolute pleasure to work with. This Pop Art print will forever cherished.

— Nadia, Oreo’s mum

Ralph, Ruby, Ollie and Biggie Canvas Print Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs


Jess’s pet portraits are perfect. I love how she captured Ralphies velvet fur and Ollie’s markings are spot on too. I love it, it’s definitely a master piece!

— Courtney, Ralph, Ruby, Olgar & Biggies’ mum


— Tess, Oliver’s mum

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