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Hello, I’m Jessica Marie!

Call me Jess — I’m a devoted dog mother & pop artist, who shares a studio and couch with my super quirky (and total sweetheart) whippet pup, Budd.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we love walks, tug-of-war games, chicken treats, chasing anything that moves … umm, maybe that’s just Budd. But most of all its sharing lots of love for dogs and art that really makes our day!

The early years of artwork by artist Jessica Marie | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

Officially I’ve been painting Pop Art Puppy Dogs since 2014. However my artistic endeavours began as soon as I could pick up a pencil. Growing up I had a flair for colourful animal drawings and plenty of imagination, just ask my mum.

Artwork before pet portraits by artist Jessica Marie | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

With an ever-growing obsession of American pop art and Japanese anime and manga, by the time I graduated university, I knew I wanted to paint, but couldn’t really decide what to paint. Fast forward a few years and it all became clear…

Finn the Whippet and his pet portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

Deserving a special mention here is my first whippet, Finn; he actually inadvertently started this whole thing. A quiet and gentle soul, he is no longer with me but will always be dear to my heart.

Returning from a walk one day, we stopped to have a chat to my neighbour who showed me her drawing of her daughters dog… then something clicked. It was so very obvious what I should paint, he was standing right beside me.

Finn the Whippet and Jess at the Beach | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

In a spark of inspiration, I got my act together and painted a bright, bold pop portrait of my darling Finn.

A painting where his character was hero – a style that combined manga and pop art, a style that is everything I love about art. Finn became my very first Pop Art Puppy Dog and connected my lifelong love of art with my love for dogs.

Budd the Whippet's Pet Portrait | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

After gaining momentum with quite a few commissioned portraits, along came Budd. For a black and white dog, Budd makes quite the colourful impression.

A deceivingly shy boy on the day he was adopted, it wasn’t long before Budd opened up to show his true character to the world. Full of life and full of personality – this excitable, bossy, anxious, inquisitive, clingy, dramatic, awkward, sweetheart is the best friend I could ever wish for.

Of course he got a pop art portrait too.

Budd the Whippet and Jess the Artist | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

Now I’m delighted to paint many breeds of dogs from all over the world. Creating bespoke art for dog lovers, just like me, who cherish the pets that make our lives much brighter. Every day I am thankful to be able to share my talents in a way that celebrates our love for dogs and gives you something special of them that lasts a lifetime.

Bring on the bright future of Pop Art Puppy Dogs!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me, I’d love to get to know you and your pup too! Lucky there are so many ways to do this, please feel welcome to send me a message.

Love Artist Jessica Marie | Pop Art Puppy Dogs

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